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Run Melbourne 2015

Huge congratulations to all ‪#‎HPDev‬ athletes in the 2015 Run Melbourne this morning. A tough course with some solid performances, including 2nd in Division and 9th Overall for Alastair Christy, and a stellar time for Evelyn Kuy’s first Half Marathon.


24:04.7Tamsyn Nanfra(14)4 in div, 27 gender, 127 overall
34:34.5Alastair Christy(17)2 in div, 9 gender, 9 overall
36:41.0Matt Christy(19)15 in div, 25 gender, 27 overall
49:28.0Tim Loveday(51)39 in div, 616 gender, 761 overall
21.1K / Half-Marathon
2:00:04.9Hank Kuys(61)36 in div, 2037 gender, 2976 overall
2:01:55.6Evelyn Kuys(58)157 in div, 1042 gender, 3182 oveall