About Human Performance Development

Human Performance Development (HPDev) provides sport science and coaching services in Melbourne to athletes of all levels, ability and backgrounds. We specialise in running and strength coaching, coach triathlon and cycling, and provide rehab, prehab, and high-performance development services to a range of other sports and military and emergency service personnel. Our head coach Mike Rennie is a qualified running coach, strength and conditioning coach, powerlifting coach, weightlifting coach, triathlon coach, sports trainer and personal trainer in addition to holding a degree in sports science.
For more information about our coaches, please see our page ‘Meet Your Coaches‘.

About our Locations

Training Sessions are chiefly held at Tom Kelly Athletics Track in Doncaster East, and also at:

  • Birdsland Reserve (Belgrave Heights)
  • Churchill National Park (Lysterfield South)
  • Lysterfield Park (Lysterfield)
  • Dandenong Police Paddocks Reserve (Dandenong North)
  • Ferny Creek and The Dandenongs (various)
At certain times of the year, sessions are also held at the Tan Track Melbourne (the track around the RoyaL Botanic Gardens) and Albert Park Lake. Other venues may be arranged by request. Training sessions are usually held in the evening or morning outside work hours and on weekends and may be organised on request during business hours Monday to Friday.
For more information about our locations, please see our page on Locations | Where We Train.
A golden sunset over Melbourne's eastern suburbs captured while mountain biking at Churchill National Park. View from the crest of a hill on North Boundary Track with 360-degree views of Melbourne. Taken by Mike Rennie on Friday 15 May 2016.

About our clients

Human Performance Development (HPDev) assists people of all ages and experience, from beginners to elite. Our clients currently range from eight years old to in their seventies and from complete beginners to State Champion and National level high-performance athletes.

Being active is an integral component of physical and psychological health and is something everyone at any age can learn to enjoy when taught the basics in a simple and engaging way and when provided a fun, social and safe atmosphere and support environment. We firmly believe this applies across our whole lifespan; our head coach Mike created the Be Active, Be Social and Be Safe campaign for Victorian Masters Athletes.

HPD works with schools, football athletes and clubs (AFL and Soccer), corporate groups, defence force and emergency services personnel, and individual athletes from a range of sports including running, cycling, triathlon, weightlifting, powerlifting, cricket, skiing, ice hockey and kayaking to name a few. We believe everyone should have access to and receive the benefits of the same resources, knowledge and experience as elite athletes.

About our Programs

Coaching is the art and science of helping an athlete make consistent gains month after month, year after year. A good coach does far more than just write training programs, they bring structure with adaptability, accountability and support, knowledge, experience, perspective, wisdom, and are a stable sounding board for you to rely on and to push you when needed. Recent research suggests the differentiating factor between the elite and super-elite (those who ‘place’ or medal and those who don’t) is the coach and the relationship the athlete has with them. When asked about the importance of his coach, Glen Mills, Usain Bolt replied: “He has always made the right decisions for me. He is a guiding light in my career and he has shown me the way to improve myself both as a person and as an athlete.

The key to a successful coach-athlete partnership is great communication, a large part of which is the coach communicating the ins-and-outs and expectations of each training session to the athlete, and the athlete letting the coach know how the session went and how they’re feeling and recovering each day. The easier these basics are achieved the smoother the communication and the better the athlete and coach understand each other. Human Performance Development uses world-best technologies to optimise these processes, including TrainingPeaks and PUSH velocity band.

Picture of a laptop, tablet, and smartphone, each with a different image of TrainingPeaks software.TrainingPeaks

Your time is valuable. With TrainingPeaks you’ll train smarter, not just harder. Help your coach make analysis-informed training decisions and measure your progress over time using scientific tools like TSS®, the Performance Management Chart, daily metrics logs, and more recording or uploading your workouts from over 100 compatible devices and apps into the web-based Calendar. Upload is supported from Garmin, Suunto, Timex, SRM, CycleOps, Polar, Quarq, Wahoo Fitness, and many others.

Zero in on your intervals and objectively assess and discuss your efforts with your coach using the map, graph and charts for each individual workout. As your training progresses, see your fitness trends over time using 30+ charts including Distance by Week, Peak Power, Peak Pace, Time in HR Zones, Power Profiling and more. Target the perfect build and taper toward your “A” event using the Performance Management Chart, and make sure your training zones are always up to date by turning on Threshold improvement notifications.

TrainingPeaks Mobile:    Access your Training Program wherever you are from a mobile phone or tablet with a free app available for iOS and Android. Take your workout details and intervals on the trail or road. Record your workouts on the go. See Dashboard charts including planned vs. completed distance, duration and TSS®. Communicate with your coach using post-workout notification and daily metrics logging. Share your workouts or your data reports. And more…


Your time is valuable. Worn on the forearm and paired with your iOS device, the PUSH Band combines the latest technology with industry-leading algorithms to provide you with actionable workout analytics that will allow your coach to take your training to new levels.


Determine optimal daily training loads with velocity based training.

Use the revolutionary RSI metric to measure elastic explosive strength.

PUSH Portal automatically aggregates all the data from your workouts into an easy and intuitive portal allowing you to spend your time training and your coach to worry about and deal with the data.

More About our services

Human Performance Development provides coaching services anywhere within Melbourne. HPDev specialises in running technique, strength and power development, triathlon development and race strategies, training for weight-loss and/or muscle and size gains, personal training, and holistic development of athletes physical and mental attributes to be successful with achieving their goals.

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