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All-In Track Trials is a monthly Track and Field Athletics competition meet offering races designed to unite Track and Field athletes of all disciplines to compete against each other with an equal chance of winning, and garner invaluable data and experience to improve their performance. AITT thus adds a unique and interesting year-round addition to the training and performance improvement of all Athletics disciplines. Held at Knox Athletics Track in Melbourne, Australia.

The events offered are:

The Raw Power of acceleration; Can anyone beat the Throwers?

Top Speed; Who has the greatest; Jumper vs Sprinter

Speed of the 100m vs Speed Endurance of 200m

Speed Endurance Showdown; 200m vs 400m

Will the 400m Runner endure, or the
800m runner outpace?

1000-m / 1200-m
(alternates monthly)
Longer than the 8, faster than the 15, two-and-a-half or three laps to test your limits.

High-Speed (300fps) and HD Video
on all events

1 11, 2011

All-In Track Trials 2011 November Update

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Dear All-In Track Trials members, Due to the first Tuesday of November being Melbourne Cup Day it has been necessary to move the November meet to Thursday 03 November 2011. We thank you for your support and understanding. Kind Regards, All-In Track Trials and the coaches of Knox Athletics Club

7 10, 2011

All-In Track Trials 2011 October RESULTS

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Results for the All-In Track Trials 2011 October meet. Events were 60m, 150m, 300m, 600m, and 1200m.