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The 2015 Victorian Track Relay Championships are here!

Hosted by Athletics Victoria at Lakeside Stadium, the#VicTrackRelayChamps are always an exciting event, offering relays from 4×100 to the 4×1500, with the 4x400m finals run at the #Zatopek10 meet.


 Entries close Sunday 15 November. Submit your interest to HPD’s Team Managers by 12 midday Saturday 14 Nov.
Email: teams@HPDev.com.au

For any queries please call:
0422 148 736 Mike



2014 Results:



$7.50 / athlete / event, as a member of a team with an Athletics Victoria accredited club.



Athletes must be 2015/16 registered AV members by 11:59pm Wednesday 25 November, 2015. After this time athletes will not be eligible to compete in the Track Relays event.


Age is taken from 31 December, 2015. Overage athletes age will be taken from the day of competition 28 November, 2015. Please see the table below for age groups.

Age Group | Year of Birth
Under 14  |  2003, 2004
Under 16  |  2001, 2002
Under 18  |  1999, 2000
Open |  1995+
40+   |  1966-1975
50+   |  1956-1965

Please note: Overage athlete’s age group will be taken from the day of competition 28 November, 2015.

Athletes wishing to compete in different age groups must follow the below rules:

  • No athlete can compete in a lower age group than they are eligible.
    Example an U16 cannot run in an U14 event.
  • A junior athlete U14 – U18 may compete in their age group as well as the open age group.
    Example an U14 can compete in the U14 4×100 and the Open 4×100.
  • A junior athlete U14 – U18 cannot compete in the same event in two junior age groups.
    Example an U14 cannot compete in U14 4×100 and the U16 4×100.
  • A junior athlete can compete in two different junior age groups in two different events.
    Example an U14 4×100 and an U16 4×400.

Masters Age Group Rules

  • Relays will be conducted in 10 year age brackets (eg 40-49, 50-59).
  • Age is taken from first day of competition – 28 November 2014.
  • Can only compete once in a particular type of relay eg 4x100m.
  • To form a team an athlete can move down to a younger age group but not up.
  • The age bracket of the team is determined by the youngest member of the team.
  • An athlete can compete in a different age bracket in a different type of relay.
  • Teams can run in any order.
  • All teams must wear their Club uniform and be either a registered financial member of AV or VMA
    on the day of competition.
  • To set Masters Records all members of a team must be a VMA member.

Eligibility of Teams

Athletes can only compete in their gender specific teams. There are strictly no mixed gender races or teams allowed. Competing athletes must represent their first claim club in all Championship events except in the special case of the Victorian Track Relay Championships. In the Victorian Track Relay Championships, an athlete affiliated first claim with a country club may compete with another team for which they are an affiliated second claim member provided that:

a) The athlete has an official letter from their first claim club giving permission for the athlete to compete.
b) The athlete has previously competed for the second claim club on at least three occasions in the season in which the Championships are held.

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