Helen Stanley 2019 Australian Masters Athletics National Championships Cross-Country Women 60-64

On the final day of competition at the 2019 Australian Masters Athletics Championships, Helen Stanley has come away with yet another medal; Bronze in the 8K Cross Country (Women 60-64) National Championships, taking her total tally to three medals from three races over four days. An impressive feat. Congratulations Helen!

In Helen’s own words: “A very technical hilly course with many short and sharp ups and downs followed by tight turns. The competition was strong and it was fantastic to catch up with racing buddies local and interstate. I always find it particularly exciting and inspiring to see athletes from my Venue such as Peter LeGet (85) and Bryan Mee (80) running events like this, especially backing up from the 5000m the day before.”

Read how Helen fared in the 2019 Australian Masters Athletics National Track and Field Championships
800m (Women 60-64) race on Friday
5000m (Women 60-64) race on Sunday.

Helen Stanley
Helen StanleyATHLETE
Helen is passionate about family, teachers rights, and running. With husband Ed, she spends as much time as possible with granddaughter Juni and loves escaping to their second home in Aireys Inset. Much of Helen’s remaining time is spent chasing running goals, which she finds a great way to stay healthy, experience the outdoors, and continually challenge herself.


2018 – Oceania Masters Athletics Championships (Dunedin, NZ)
1st in 1500 – 5:57:31
1st in Half Marathon – 1:48:46
2nd in 8K Cross Country – 39:26 00
3rd in 5000m – 22:15:72

2018 – Australian Masters Athletics National Championships (Perth, AU)
1st in 1500 – 6:06:24
1st in 5000m – 22:32:55
1st in 8K Cross Country – 35:08
2nd in 800 – 3:00:33

2019 – Australian Masters Athletics National Championships
2nd in 800 – 3:08:07
2nd in 5000m – 23:00:12
3rd in 8K Cross Country – 39:35

AGE (2019)


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