“Success is the peace of mind which comes as a direct result from the self-satisfaction of knowing you have given your all in the pursuit of that of which you know you are capable.”

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I commenced training with Mike several years ago. Through his coaching, I was able to achieve a marathon PB (Melbourne Marathon 2012, a Boston qualifier) and fulfill a long-time ambition of running the Boston marathon in April 2014.

While I have run for some 20 years now (competing and fun runs for the past 14), I’ve had lower-leg issues that have at times hampered my progress. These have become more pronounced over the past 6-7 years, making it difficult to set and reach my running goals.

Training towards a goal with Mike enabled me to incorporate racing schedules, life circumstances (family, job), injury issues, as well as being able to leverage his extensive experience and knowledge in sports science. He keeps up to date with research findings in sports science, nutrition and injury management and is constantly working to incorporate these new ideas into his training. Mike goes to great lengths at explaining the motivation behind his training strategies, has boundless enthusiasm for any task (regardless of how early in the morning, or how bad the weather is), and cares about those he coaches, regardless of their goals or abilities.

I would certainly recommend Mike to anyone who has wondered what they are capable of achieving in their sport and would like to take steps to fulfilling their aspirations.

Ernie Lim

Human Performance Development have been coaching my sons for over five years and have for all of this time been excellent in the way that Mike has planned the development of my boys as they have been taken from junior athletes to a national level, including one of them becoming a national champion in 2014. I must say I would highly recommend any one of any ability who wants to improve their running technique and fitness to engage Mike and his business to help them, Mikes care in making sure training programs and injury prevention meet the individuals needs are also excellent.

Phillip Sheridan

I can’t recommend Mike and HPDev highly enough to anyone who wants to do some serious training. The level of attention and care you’ll get is head and shoulders above anything else I’ve experienced.

Mike’s enthusiasm is amazing and he ALWAYS takes the time to get things done right. No half-measures here. I noticed improvements in my technique and general fitness immediately, and simply cannot give HPDev enough credit for this.

Oliver Challinger

I really enjoyed my training with HPD. Good coaching, timely feedback, encouraging and friendly environment. Most importantly it helps me to achieve my target! Definitely recommended!

Laura Li

I highly recommend Mike and HPDev. Over the years I’ve had tailor-made programs to train me for long distance running, obstacle course endurance events and strength training. I’ve been very happy with the results, and others have noticed and commented on what a difference it’s made as well.

Steven Briggs

Mike is a highly motivated and skilled individual that is capable of delivering well constructed and tailored training programs for developing athletes to reach their optimum performance. He uses his background in sports science and his enthusiasm to motivate his athletes to achieve peak performance.

Gavin Burren

Mike has great knowledge of sports science, and communicates this to his athletes in training to achieve outstanding results.

Mike is dedicated and passionate. He coached my son to Nationals in athletics, and also conditioned him to be accepted into an AFL TAC development squad.
My son continues to train with Mike, and enjoys every moment.

Meg Coleman

Mike is great trainer providing heaps of motivation and knowledge to help improve my running. He uses advanced software track many metrics measured during workouts and delivery virtual coaching. He is great during the one on ones and group training with his national/state level elite athletes adjusting my workout according to prevent injury and fatigue while getting the best out of the work out.

All my programs are customised weekly and he is only a phone call away to refine the program due to time pressures, fatigue etc.

I would definitely recommend him.

Edmond Lew

Mike Rennie, an expert on training and motivating young people.Highly communicative to a group of people from different backgrounds,skills and abilities.

Having a shared sense of mission, passion and clearly identified goals so everybody knows exactly what they can achieve.Mike is very open to other people, stimulating them. He also has very good knowledge on the development of young people and how to handle it.

Michael Plugge

Mike’s contribution to Knox Athletes, especially the young, has been invaluable. He’s training programs are structured & designed to suit the individual & groups. His passion & enthusiasm enables his athletes to perform consistently to the best of their abilities.

Grant Warren

Mike has extensive knowledge in the human movement and physiology as well as great hands on approach as a coach. He is very open minded and is not afraid to think outside the square in resolving issues. Great work ethic and personable.

Gavin Burren

Mike was an excellent coach to our running group. Mike was inspirational, dedicated, interested and motivational! Having accepted the challenge of coaching runners at all levels, Mike embraced the group and provided his expert knowledge and skills to turn us all into good, strong, faster runners!

Nicolina Lademann