3 reps each of:

– Straight Leg Drives
– Butt Kicks
– A skips
– B skips
– High Knees

Begin with 30m and progress weekly until you are able to hold each drill for 50m.

Do the first rep of each focusing on rhythm, the second rep on snappiness and cadence, and the third rep transition into a 30m explosive stride at the end.


1* 200 @ ~7-10 min Race Pace
1* 150 @ ~4-5 min Race Pace
1* 150 @ ~3-4 min Race Pace
1* 100 @ ~2 min Race Pace
1*   60 @ ~40-60s Race Pace

For each, focus on achieving the following:

#1 – snappy high knees
#2 – cadence
#3 – the length of stride/driving knee forward while the foot is tucked up

You should maintain a very slight forward angle throughout all of these, and remember to drive downwards then backwards then upwards with your elbows, not karate chop your hands…

Remember not to break too rapidly at the end of any stride / bound. Rapid deceleration puts immense strain on the hamstrings.